Is this a good time to sell or buy a house in Ontario?

Posted by Carole Kneeshaw on Friday, January 11th, 2019 at 9:55pm.

The age old question.  Is this a good time to buy or sell a house in this lovely province? Lots of variables come into play on this subject which also represents the biggest investment decision for many people.  Many experts suggest you consider it your home first and investment second.  I like that philosophy.

 In this blog, I will focus on the financial investment portion of the decision.

First thing to consider is whether or not owning a home has been a good investment in the past and if so, will it continue to be in the future.  Check out the link above about some interesting trends in housing costs in Canada.  I will do some further research and update this blog over the next few days.  Historically, over the long term, house prices have steadily risen.  It is the shorter term fluctuations that can be hard to predict and have a negative impact if you have no option but to sell and/or buy.  With unprecedented increases in house prices, the majority of analysts predict some sort of correction, albeit not as much as has occurred in other countries.  Why is that?  More to come soon.......



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